Kissing camels, sandboarding and cooking with local Bedouins in the Wadi Rum desert!

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One thing V did not want to do on our travels was to sleep in a tent. So naturally, we spent 48 hours in a tent in the desert. Join us for an unforgettable experience with Bedouin nomads in the Wadi Rum desert. One thing I can say for sure: Bedouin hospitality is not a myth. Indulge!
Are you interested in doing a similar trip? We can wholeheartedly recommend the place you see in the video. Great value for money, comfortable tents, very hospitable people. The camp has a rating of 9.7 on It is called “Rum Boutique Camp”, and you can find it here: . We recommend this place because we genuinely had an amazing experience and want to pay it forward; we do not receive any compensation for this.
0:00 intro
0:07 Tour start
01:02 Lawrence spring
01:21 Camel riding
01:51 Camels kissing
01:55 Camel riding
03:26 Sandboarding
04:07 Tour continuation
04:54 Cooking & dinner at camp
06:41 Sunrise timelapse
06:49 Tour of camp facilities
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